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Bank security is a position in charge of security and safety in the bank. Specifically, protecting money and all other assets of the bank, customers from theft, robbery, preventing the risk of other damage if it is within the scope of the assignment.

In order to ensure the security and safety of business operations today, bank security services are one of the important positions. Banking units are required to have security guards to assist in monitoring and protecting the assets of the bank as well as customers coming to use the service.

Bank protection operates according to a certain security principle and standard of each bank. To be able to ensure safety in all negative situations.

Security service providers need to ensure that bank security guards are well-trained according to the process and are equipped with necessary and legal support tools when on duty.

When assigned to protect security at the bank, employees should:

  • Always be in a state of readiness and alertness. Timely detect and handle the behavior of bad actors with working banking units and customers.
  • Directly supervise and remind employees and customers to strictly follow the customer's rules.
  • With the object of transaction customers, bank security guards need to carefully supervise to prevent those with bad behavior and promptly handle situations quickly and safely for customers and customers' assets.
  • Bank protection always complies with the regulations set forth by the service provider company and achieves the goals required by the bank.
  • Protect confidential information of all banking activities.
  • Be polite and willing to help customers when needed.
  • Regularly perform the task of inspecting every area according to the plan.
  • Do not arbitrarily leave the duty position without the consent of the superior.

Minimum conditions to be assigned by Sekin Security to protect the bank:

  • It is necessary to have good health, because the job requires standing for many hours to supervise inside and outside the bank according to the prescribed scope.
  • Agility in all situations absolutely ensures the safety of bank assets and customers.
  • Strict sense of responsibility, strict discipline and strict compliance with the mining process that the security service company requires and the regulations of the bank.
  • Need to undergo many professional training courses. In particular, the skill of using weapons to avoid causing damage to the bank and affecting customers.

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