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SEKIN Security Services Joint Stock Company provides security service private house professional. We provide the best security solutions for each specific requirement of our customers with a team of regular, well-trained, professional staff.

Security Goals:

  • House gate control.
  • Guard patrols control the outer perimeter.
  • Control the flow of people in/out of the house and the target range is set up security.
  • Handling emergency situations: breaking in, causing trouble, controlling, kidnapping, etc.
  • Technical troubleshooting, fire and accident safety.
  • First aid and first aid services for victims.
  • Observe the security camera system.

Do you need to use professional security services for your home?

Private houses and villas are the living living places of all family members. It shows the upper class of the owner. There is a lot of love, enthusiasm, and property of the owner here. Therefore, to ensure the safety of their home, relatives, and property, homeowners use professional security services for the purpose of protecting the safety of their homes.

Following are the potential security risks for private homes:

  • Homeowners are not at home: Objects break through the wall to penetrate the house and steal property
  • Houses with elderly people: health problems, thieves breaking into and stealing property, controlling and causing harm when the owner goes to work or goes on a business trip
  • Houses with young children: risks when using electrical appliances, playing in the garden, swimming pool, intruders stealing, kidnapping for ransom, causing harm when the owner is not at home.
  • At night, the group of subjects infiltrated the house to steal property and control the owner
  • The flow of strangers approaching the house with unknown purposes
  • Electrical short-circuit, gas leak, unfortunate children have accidents while playing.
  • The maid disperses the owner's property while away from home

Benefits of using professional house and villa security services:

  • A professional security company owns a team of security guards and managers who are fully qualified and have the professional ability to protect private houses and villas. The security team will constantly patrol to ensure safety anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the house.
  • 100% of security personnel participating in the task have undergone a thorough recruitment process, have a clean resume, good-looking appearance, and have good soft skills.
  • A professional security company will plan to protect the villa for each specific goal. Ensure the goal of protecting the safety and security of the homeowner.
  • Customers have the right to request a change of security personnel if the person does not meet the job requirements.
  • No cost for recruitment, training, management, and benefits for employees
  • The security company buys professional liability insurance for all risks that occur during the service provision.

Security goals at home:

Each protection target will be built into a separate protection plan.

  1. Monitor surveillance cameras:
    • Monitor and monitor 24/24 the entire campus area inside and outside the house through the surveillance camera system. This helps ensure safety and security for the entire villa.
  2. Control people in/out:
    • Conduct control and notify the owner of the entire number of people and vehicles entering and leaving the villa. This helps to prevent the homeowner from being disturbed as well as to prevent all acts of breaking from the outside of bad objects.
    • The security team needs to record all the guests coming in and out, please meet and proceed to notify the owner so that the owner can decide whether to meet or not.
  3. Patrol and control, in case of emergency:
    • Guards on duty will continuously patrol and monitor the villa's exterior. This helps to prevent possible break-ins and thefts. In addition, it is also to prevents fire, electric shock, and unexpected incidents, ...
    • There should be a clear coordination plan with other checkpoints to ensure maximum safety.
    • Attention should be paid to sensitive times such as night because this is a favorable time for crooks to break in.
  4. Control employees, service units:
    • In addition to the process of patrolling to ensure that bad guys don't break in, security guards must check and supervise all maids, cleaning workers, and service providers.
    • Attention must be paid to control from the moment these people enter until they leave. This helps to ensure that there is no loss of belongings, property, or bad guys breaking into the house.
  5. Caring for plants and pets:
    • In villas, ornamental plants and pets are often very interested by homeowners. Therefore, the security team ensures that ornamental plants and domestic animals are fully taken care of.
  6. Report:
    • The general management department needs to make the report on the work situation according to the plan according to what the owner requires. Ensure honesty, care, and accuracy.

Customers, please contact us for detailed advice and specific quotation according to information contact below.

Contact information of Sekin Security Services Joint Stock Company:

  • Tel: 024 6688 3236
  • Email:
  • Add: No. 10, alley 95/86, Vu Xuan Thieu str., Long Bien district, Hanoi city

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