Security Services Company in Bac Ninh

Security Services Company in Bac Ninh

SEKIN Security Services Joint Stock Company is security service company in Bac Ninh professional with a team of experienced security guards and managers in the field of security, security and Professional security training. We provide services to meet a variety of security service needs in Bac Ninh such as: protect the building(office, apartment,...), protect industrial parks, protect factories, protect factories, protect your bank, protect your home, protect your bank, protect remote monitoring & central control station, protect key people & protect events, personal bodyguard , protect school, protect the construction site, protect escort and transport of goods , …

Due to its favorable geographical position, Bac Ninh is oriented to become an industrial city. And Bac Ninh is in the process of strong industrialization and urbanization.

Bac Ninh is adjacent to the Northern midland region in Bac Giang province. Bac Ninh city is located far from the center Hanoi City 30 km to the northeast, geographical location:

Security Services Company in Bac Ninh

In 2020, the total product in the area (at 2010 constant prices) is estimated at 36,834.8 billion VND, an increase of 1.5 times compared to 2016, accounting for 30.1% of the province's GRDP. army reached 12.2%/year. The structure has shifted positively towards the urban economy: Trade - services accounted for 52.6%, industry - construction accounted for 46.6%, agriculture, forestry and fishery accounted for 0.8%.

Trade - services strongly develop, the total circulation of goods and services in 2020 is estimated at 31,800 billion VND, 1.7 times higher than 2016 and accounting for about 51.3% of the province's value, on average. troops increased by 13.7%.

Industrial production continues to develop, making an important contribution to economic growth, industrial production value (2010 relative price) in 2020 is estimated at 123,772 billion VND (exceed 24,772 billion VND). compared with the plan), 1.75 times higher than in 2016; the average growth rate reached 16.3%/year.

Total state budget revenue in the area in 2020 is estimated at VND 5,788 billion. Domestic revenue in 2020 is 2.7 times higher than in 2016, the average revenue growth rate is 30.4%/year. Revenue from land use fee in 5 years is estimated at 3,904 billion VND, accounting for 34% of total domestic revenue. Total local budget expenditure in 2020 is estimated at 2,314 billion VND, the average growth rate is 14.2%/year.

Bac Ninh hiên nay có 15 khu công nghiệp (KCN) tập trung, 1 khu công nghệ thông tin và hơn 30 cụm công nghiệp. Tổng diện tích 6.847 ha; với tổng diện tích đất công nghiệp được quy hoạch cho thuê 2.138,53 ha, diện tích đã thu hồi 1.682,95 ha, đã cho thuê 1.259,81 ha; tỷ lệ lấp đầy trên diện tích quy hoạch đạt 58,91%; tỷ lệ lấp đầy trên diện tích thu hồi đạt 74,86%.

Các KCN được đầu tư hạ tầng hoàn chỉnh, các hệ thống đường giao thông trong KCN, cấp nước sạch, xử lý nước thải được đầu tư đồng bộ, hiện đại, đạt tiêu chuẩn, các dịch vụ viễn thông, ngân hàng, bảo hiểm… cũng được đưa vào KCN. Một số KCN đã gắn việc đầu tư hạ tầng với xây dựng nhà ở cho người lao động, khu đô thị, khu vui chơi giải trí,… Cùng với đó là sự thông thoáng, nhanh gọn trong giải quyết các thủ tục hành chính, hỗ trợ DN về thông tin, thị trường, làm tốt công tác an ninh – trật tự, liên kết đào tạo nguồn nhân lực có chuyên môn, tay nghề.

Danh Sách Các Khu Công Nghiệp tại Bắc Ninh:

  1. Khu công nghiệp Tiên Sơn – Quy mô: 410 ha
  2. Khu công nghiệp Quế Võ 1 – Quy mô: 640 ha
  3. Khu công nghiệp Quế Võ 2 – Quy mô: 270 ha
  4. Khu công nghiệp Quế Võ 3 – Quy mô: 521,7 ha
  5. Khu công nghiệp Yên Phong 1 – Quy mô: 651 ha
  6. Khu công nghiệp Yên Phong 2 – Quy mô: 1200 ha
  7. Khu công nghiệp Đại Đồng – Hoàn Sơn – Quy mô: 572 ha
  8. Khu công nghiệp HANAKA – Quy mô: 74 ha
  9. Khu công nghiệp Nam Sơn – Hạp Lĩnh – Quy mô: 1000 ha
  10. Khu công nghiệp Thuận Thành 1 – Quy mô: 200 ha
  11. Khu công nghiệp Thuận Thành 2 – Quy mô: 240 ha
  12. Khu công nghiệp Thuận Thành 3 – Quy mô: Tổng diện tích quy hoạch là 10.000 ha Lớn nhất cả nước
  13. Khu công nghiệp Gia Bình – Quy mô: 300 ha
  14. Khu công nghiệp Gia Bình 2
  15. Khu công nghiệp Việt Nam – Singapore (VSIP) – Quy mô: 700 ha là hợp tác của Chính phủ Việt Nam và Chính phủ Singapore.

Trong tương lai sẽ có thêm hai KCN tập trung tại khu vực xã Ngũ Thái và xã Nguyệt Đức thuộc huyện Thuận Thành và khu vực xã Vạn Ninh thuộc huyện Gia Bình với tổng diện tích là 500,0 ha.

Therefore, the situation of security and order in Bac Ninh province is very complicated. And to ensure good security and order in industrial parks, factories, factories, buildings, urban areas, etc., the use of security services, security, and security assurance of a professional security service company in Bac Ninh like Sekin Security is extremely necessary.

Criteria for Choosing a Security Services Company in Bac Ninh

  • The company providing security services in Bac Ninh province must have full legal documents in accordance with the law.
  • The security service provider company must have a Certificate of Eligibility for Security and Order in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
  • The protection and security plan must be optimized, preventing risks for businesses, factories, enterprises, buildings, urban areas, ... Ensuring the process of safety and security protection happens continuously.
  • The quality of the management and security team meets professional standards, appearance, background, awareness, and ethical qualities. The entire team of security guards and managers must be well-trained by experts and have full practice certificates.
  • Ensuring the number of troops, professional training, and training in working skills, checking and assessing work quality.
  • There is a mobile force that is always ready to support the goal of solving urgent incidents such as: Workers strike, workers cause trouble, thugs destroy property ...
  • Leaders of the security company regularly meet, receive evaluation opinions and have the fastest solution for service quality.
  • Bring peace of mind, trust in protection services to customers and partners in any time, any situation, stable cooperation.
  • Security companies in Bac Ninh must gain the trust of businesses, especially FDI enterprises such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Europe, ...
  • Security service company has many years of experience in providing security services for urban areas, industrial parks, factory security, factory security, warehouse security, business and production facilities protection, …
  • Có nhiều kinh nghiệm cung cấp dịch vụ bảo vệ chuyên nghiệp cho các khu công nghiệp như KCN VSIP, KCN Yên Phong, KCN Quế Võ,….

With extensive experience in security training and strict management of human security resources, the professional security force of Security Services Sekin Security will meet the needs of security guards. the strictest protection requirements of customers and partners. We are always aware of our responsibility and constantly innovate to improve the quality of security services to serve our customers and partners better.

With a team of dynamic, creative, and dedicated staff, with a team of leaders with rich professional experience, many years in the field of protection, security, and security, along with operational criteria “Responsibility – Solidarity – Dedication” we always try our best for our customers and partners to have the best experience when using the services of Sekin Security in Bac Ninh province.

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