Building Security Guard Services

Building Security Guard Services

Sekin Security đang cung cấp dịch vụ bảo vệ cho nhiều tòa nhà ở các thành phố lớn như Hà Nội, Bac Ninh, Hải Phòng, Hạ Long… Dịch vụ của chúng tôi được rất nhiều khách hàng trong và ngoài nước đánh giá cao về sự chuyên nghiệp, chỉnh chu và uy tín.

What are buildings?

Buildings are usually high-rise or low-rise buildings for business and residential purposes. Typical building types are:

  • Các toà nhà cao ốc là văn phòng, hoặc văn phòng kết hợp căn hộ.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • Các toà nhà Trung tâm thương mại.

Các tòa nhà phục vụ nhiều nhu cầu và mục đích khách nhau nhưng chủ yếu là các văn phòng, khu vực làm việc, …

Why buildings need professional security services: 

With the rapid development of infrastructure in big cities, office buildings and apartment buildings appear more and more. So what are the dangers of these buildings: 

  • Large population density, potential risks of social insecurity and crime.
  • The number of floors is large, it is necessary to have security control solutions by technology.
  • There are common areas of the building, where there are many assets of residents and employees: Cars, motorbikes, bicycles, goods...
  • With large buildings such as offices or high-class apartments, it is necessary to control people entering, and going up and down each floor. 
  • There are many risks of fire and explosion, which are very serious if there is no security force to regularly monitor and check fire protection systems and eliminate possible hazards.

Why should you choose Sekin Security Services for your buildings? 

  • Sekin Security always ensures that there is a plan of the safest and most suitable protection plan to both ensure the quality of service without excess manpower causing waste for customers.
  • At each building target, Sekin Security Services is committed to providing highly qualified and professional security guards who are able to proactively solve security and safety issues that occurred in the allowed area.
  •  In addition to providing human resources, we also provide additional technology solutions to ensure the best control and protection of the building: Cameras and equipment for recording, recording, storing...
  • In addition to the task of protecting assets and facilities, Sekin Security's security guards also take on the task of maintaining security and order according to the rules and regulations set forth by the Building Management Board to ensure the safety of the building. The house always has the best management and control system.
  • All efforts of Sekin Security will bring about stable security and order, minimizing the possibility of a loss of physical property and damage to equipment, machinery, etc. in the building.
  • Sekin security staffs are carefully selected and trained security forces. Master the necessary operations for each assigned target.

Dưới đây là các nghiệp vụ cho mỗi vị trí trong 1 mục tiêu toà nhà thông thường:

  1. Bảo Vệ Cổng Chính:
    • Do not allow strangers, not authorized to enter the building.
    • Carry out the work of coordinating the means of transport according to regulations.
    • Ensure close communication and smooth coordination with other positions.
  2. Bảo Vệ Đại Sảnh Toà Nhà:
    • Record guest registration information in the guest book of the office system.
    • Manage key types of office system.
    • Receive and respond to incoming and outgoing phone calls from the office.
    • Directing guests to move to the floors in the building.
    • Receiving and distributing parcels and letters.
    • Always keep in touch and cooperate closely with other positions in the building.
  3. Bảo Vệ Thang Máy:
    • Directing guests to offices on different floors.
    • Help people who are stuck in the elevator when there is a problem and notify specialized departments for timely handling.
    • If the inspection detects that the elevator is damaged, it is necessary to immediately notify the elevator maintenance department for repair.
    • Always keep in touch with other positions to coordinate work.
  4. Bảo Vệ Trực Camera Giám Sát(phòng CCTV):
    • Regularly monitor the camera screen and rotate the images of the building floor to detect customer manifestations.
    • Contact other locations via walkie-talkie to round up the crooks and notify the building management and the police when there is a theft or vandalism that causes insecurity.
    • Pay attention to the potential locations of intruders and notify relevant locations when a thief breaks in, make a report on the scene, notify the nearest police station for settlement.
    • Detect fire and explosion, incidents via camera and notify other locations for timely handling.
    • Nếu phát hiện điểm cháy ngoài khả năng chữa cháy của bảo vệ thì lập tức gọi điện cho 114 đến hỗ trợ. Đồng thời, thông báo cho toàn bộ cán bộ nhân viên văn phòng đến lối thoát hiểm theo đúng phương án PCCC.
    • Monitor and protect the safety of the office, keep in touch, and coordinate with other security positions.
  5. Bảo Vệ Tuần Tra:
    • Remind everyone to follow the rules in the office.
    • Check the operational status of the exits.
    • Check electrical equipment in the building.
    • Timely detecting bad guys breaking into the office.
    • Check the fire protection system and expensive equipment in the building.
    • Monitor the activities of workers in subcontracting or building maintenance units.
    • Maintain communication with other security positions.
  6. Bảo Vệ Hầm Xe, Nhà Xe, Cửa Văn Phòng:
    • Garage security is an indispensable position in the building protection plan. Depending on the garage basement of the office more or fewer cars, one door or two car doors, there are many basements for parking that arrange security forces to suit reality.
    • Control the process of vehicles entering and exiting the building (distributing and checking vehicle cards).
    • Perform patrol and guard the garage in the building.
    • Arrange motorbikes and cars at the correct distance between vehicles and between aisles. This should be done carefully to avoid scratching the guests' cars.

Với bề dày kinh nghiệm về đào tạo huấn luyện nghiệp vụ bảo vệ và quản lý chặt chẽ nguồn nhân lực bảo vệ, lực lượng bảo vệ chuyên nghiệp của Building Security Guard Services của Sekin Security sẽ đáp ứng những nhu cầu bảo vệ khắt khe nhất của quý khách hàng, quý đối tác. Chúng tôi luôn ý thức về trách nhiệm của mình và không ngừng đổi mới nâng cao chất lượng dịch vụ bảo vệ nhằm phục vụ quý khách hàng, quý đối tác tốt hơn.

Customers who want to use Sekin Security's security services, please contact with us to receive a quote and specific plan at your building.

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