Regulations on Wearing Name Tags of Officers and Employees at SEKIN

Quy Định Về Thẻ Tên Nhân Viên Bảo Vệ SEKIN

In order to contribute to raising awareness of compliance with labor discipline and internal regulations, Sekin Security Service Joint Stock Company stipulates the wearing of cards of officers and employees as follows:

Article 1. General Rules

All officers and security guards of Sekin Security must wear standard name tags during working hours and perform their duties.

Wearing a name tag is done by attaching it to the left chest, above the standard pocket. It is strictly forbidden to personally lend the card to others for use.

Quy Định Về Thẻ Tên Nhân Viên Bảo Vệ SEKIN
Hình Minh Hoạ

Article 2. Card issuance and card management

  1. For officials and employees:
    Cards of officers and employees used in accordance with this Regulation are cards issued by the Company according to the standard form and stamped with the company's seal. All officers and security guards of Sekin Security are issued free cards.
  2. Cấp lại thẻ:
    Khi mất thẻ hoặc thẻ bị hư hỏng không sử dụng được, cá nhân phải báo ngay cho người quản lý để xin cấp lại thẻ tên.

    • Trong trường hợp thẻ tên bị hư hỏng: thẻ bị hỏng cần được xác thực bởi phòng Nghiệp Vụ và nộp lại phòng Hành Chính Nhân Sự.
    • Trong trường hợp bị mất thẻ tên: cá nhân bị mất thẻ cần viết bản cam kết theo mẫu cam kết của công ty và phòng Nghiệp Vụ xác nhận.

Article 3. Check name tag

The shift captain, captain, and commander at the target are responsible for checking the wearing of name tags of employees on duty or on duty. The shift captain, captain, commander or other management levels have the right to refuse work to employees who do not wear name tags when performing their duties.

The Operations Department is responsible for checking and reminding officers and employees to strictly comply with the regulations on wearing name tags in accordance with the company's regulations.

Article 4. Handling violations

All officers and employees who violate the regulations on wearing name tags according to the regulations will be subject to the following forms of handling:

  1. Reminder for violators once a month;
  2. Reprimand for violating individuals twice a month;
  3. Warning, lowering emulation ratings for violators three times in a month;
  4. Suspension of work for violators four times in a month.

Article 5. Terms of performance

This regulation is applied to all officers and employees who are in working hours or performing tasks and tasks at the target. In the course of implementation, if any problems arise or are not suitable, the Operations Department will decide to amend and supplement to suit reality.

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