Hoàn Thành Công Tác Triển Khai Mục Tiêu KĐT tại VSIP Bắc Ninh

Vietsing Square VSIP Bắc Ninh

Ngày 12/04/2023, SEKIN Security đã hoàn thành công tác triển khai phương án nghiệp vụ đảm bảo an ninh tại mục tiêu công trường và khu đô thị tại VSIP, Bắc Ninh.

Tham gia công tác triển khai mục tiêu, về phía đối tác có các đồng chí là trong quản lý dự án, về phía SEKIN Security có các đồng chí phòng nghiệp vụ, và các đồng chí được phân công công tác tại mục tiêu.

Vietsing Square VSIP Bắc Ninh

Mục tiêu là công trường xây dựng, khu đô thị tại VSIP, Bắc Ninh. Sekin Security cung cấp dịch vụ bảo vệ công trường xây dựng, các công trình xây dựng tại tất cả các tỉnh, thành phố lớn như Hà Nội, Bac Ninh, Hải Phòng, Quảng Ninh, Hưng Yên, … Dịch vụ của chúng tôi được rất nhiều khách hàng trong và ngoài nước đánh giá cao về sự chuyên nghiệp, chỉnh chu và uy tín.


Why buildings need professional security services:

  • Construction sites are places with many risks of occupational insecurity.
  • There are many assets and materials located in easy-to-lose locations if there is no control security force.
  • The number of construction workers daily is very large, it is difficult to control the number of workers working on the construction site and in and out of the area.
  • There are many risks of fire and explosion safety because of the use of explosive materials and activities: welding, drilling, cutting, etc.
  • Subcontractors often work within the construction site, it is difficult to control the equipment and materials brought in and out.
  • It is easy for crooks to mix and break into the project area with bad behavior.
  • A lot of vehicles transport materials in and out frequently, it is difficult to control the quantity.
  • It is difficult to ensure security and safety in quiet hours such as evening, night, dawn, or days when workers do not work.

Vietsing Square VSIP Bắc Ninh

Why should you choose Sekin Security as your construction site security service provider?

Sekin Security always ensures that there is a plan of the safest and most suitable protection plan to both ensure the quality of service without excess manpower causing waste for customers.

Sekin security staffs are carefully selected and trained security forces. Master the necessary operations for each assigned target.

  • Firmly grasp the specific requirements and regulations of the construction site and the management agency
  • Make sure you have the necessary phone numbers: Police, Fire and Rescue Police, Company phone, etc.
  • Know the nature and operation of the project as well as the name of the Board of Directors and the person in charge of site security.
  • Know the peak hours workers go in and out and try to identify the employees and identify their vehicles to avoid the situation of mixing and entering of bad guys.
  • Know the structural plan of the construction site and the key places.
  • Know clearly the qualifications, awareness as well as views and attitudes of employees towards site security.

Besides the necessary jobs and conditions to work as a site security guard, depending on the facility or project, they can take on additional and specific tasks.
Customers, please contact us for detailed advice and specific quotation according to information contact below.

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